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Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) regulations


An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) contains information about a property’s energy efficiency, including a rating on a scale from A-G.

In general, all properties in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that are being built, or that will be sold or let, require an EPC (unless they can claim an exemption). The regulations require a rental property to have a minimum EPC rating in certain parts of the UK.

Landlords who fail to meet the EPC regulations could face enforcement action and could be fined.


Current EPC rules

In England and Wales, all rental properties must achieve a minimum EPC rating of E or above, unless they can claim an exemption.

In Scotland and Northern Ireland, all rental properties must have an EPC in place, but there is currently no overall minimum rating that must be achieved.

Landlords across the UK are required to get a new EPC every ten years.


Proposed changes to the minimum EPC rating are not happening 

A consultation exercise regarding the minimum efficiency standards for rental properties in England and Wales closed in January 2021. This included a proposal that rental properties in England and Wales would need an EPC rating of C or above.

However, the UK government announced on 20 September 2023 that there will be no change to the minimum EPC rating required for rental properties in England and Wales. This means that current legislation remains in force.

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